Pixel Pandemic


i made these CMY and RYB color wheels as examples

i did not actually have quinacridone rose or hansa yellow paint in my stash as it turns out so i used some near equivalents

there are a lot of near equivalents out there, so please play around and see what gives you the best results

I’m glad a visual example of this was made using real paint. I think the photos speak for themselves. Cadmiums make lovely orange shades, but if you expect clean purples and greens by mixing them with ultramarine blue, you’ll be really disappointed. The CMY trio makes wonderfully vibrant colors, but what isn’t pictured is that you can still tone them down by adding the third color (or even black) if you wish.

Also, for anyone interested in learning more about color theory and watercolors specifically, including pigment lightfast ratings, brand variations and more, Handprint is a really great resource.


I feel so bad because so many people I respect LOVE Skyrim and TES in general but I just CANNOT get into it, the plot took too long to find and my character was uninteresting and bland no matter how many mods I got to try to give her some backstory. Also the Lore is just ehh to me. 

Ah well. To each their own. I’m sure a lot of you look at Pokemon and go “huh?”

Well, the lore and story aren’t why I got Skyrim, that’s for sure. For me, it was the visual draw. One of my favorite things in life is beautiful natural scenery, and that’s something I find Skyrim to have in abundance. As an artificial recreation of natural scenery, it’s pretty damn good, even without mods. It makes me positively excited to wonder what game graphics might look like 10 years down the road.

I haven’t made it that far in Skyrim and the story still isn’t pulling me in, but I’m absolutely fine with playing it as a sandbox dungeon crawl game, and that’s what I do most of the time. I’ve played for 38 hours already, but I’m still level 13. I’m taking my time and moseying around, not using fast travel much. A lot of the time, I’m picking flowers and killing mudcrabs or taking screenshots of any pretty scene or funny “bug” I find.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a game. Don’t let the fact that it is a RPG make you believe you have to make some super serious RP character with a detailed background. If you just want to play like it’s you as your character, walking around experiencing Skyrim on your terms, then do it. I don’t think anyone will judge you for it, and if they do, poo on them.

Choo Choo

You know how creepy it would be if someone could make a computer virus that randomly made the “choo choo” noise from that Thomas the Tank Engine Skyrim mod while you were playing any game? What if it also did other creepy stuff, like:

You’re playing single player Minecraft and digging deep into a cave system. You’re already paranoid about creepers, but then you hear it. You search the cave and find nothing. When you close Minecraft, a giant train face from Thomas the Tank Engine is staring at you and grins and winks before fading to your desktop.

Later on, while you’re playing SWTOR, you could swear there was something different about your companion. You swing the camera around to look at them and their face has been replaced with a train face. When you click on them, the face contorts into a freakishly evil looking smile and the “choo choo” noise plays…

*sticks the swtor fandom in a giant get along shirt*

How I play Skyrim:

  • I’m a photographer, not a warrior.
  • Lydia, you’re pretty and all, but not every picture needs you.
  • Is that a butterfly?
  • Pick ALL the flowers!
  • Ooh, that rock looks different, can I mine it?!
  • No, I can’t. :(
  • Dragon, stop! I just wanted to catch torch bugs!
  • Lydia, carry my stuff so I can loot more stuff!
  • I need to sell stuff.
  • Sweet, now that I’ve sold all the stuff, I can go loot more stuff!

This winter storm could give us 2-4 inches of sleet and then another 2-4 inches of snow on top of that. :(