Dreaming in Digital

Hoth is beautiful when it isn’t blinding you.

With legacy stronghold storage, cargo bay, mailbox, and GTN in a single room of my stronghold, I’m seriously having a hard time leaving. >_>

When your companions crit on those expensive stronghold/conquest crafts

Please step away from the GTN.

The “living quarters” section of my DK apartment so far:

1-2 Living Quarters Lobby
3-4 Quinn’s Office
5-6 Master Bedroom
7-9 Teigra’s Office

I still have no idea what to put on my DK balcony. Feels like a 1 mil credit waste atm. :/

So this morning’s patch has now taken over 2 hours. First, it gave my anti-virus program a false positive, and now it has downloaded and is installing WAY more than a 32 MB patch. If this fails and I have to re-download the entire game I’m going to be pissed.