Dreaming in Digital


Decorating my stronghold.

#my hobo sky palace

IDK why, but that tag kills me. XD

I guess putting your GTN terminal up high is one way to curb spending… hehe.

I wish Legacy Storage had also introduced Legacy-wide credit pooling. Tired of having to play the “which character had lots of credits to afford that expensive thing again?” game. >_>


Dear SWTOR devs,      Give me a light like this for my stronghold.Sincerely, A big fan.

Yes, please! :D


Dear SWTOR devs,
     Give me a light like this for my stronghold.
A big fan.

Yes, please! :D

Breakdown of Time Spent Since 2.9 Patch:

50% Browsing GTN
20% Listing items on the GTN
10% Placing decorations
10% Picking up decorations and putting them somewhere else
5% Worrying about the 25 NPC/Pet display limit
4% Procrastinating on decorating NS and CS Strongholds
1% Actually doing something outside the Stronghold or Fleet :3

Hoth is beautiful when it isn’t blinding you.

With legacy stronghold storage, cargo bay, mailbox, and GTN in a single room of my stronghold, I’m seriously having a hard time leaving. >_>

When your companions crit on those expensive stronghold/conquest crafts